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If you are a Business Professional with an Audience in the Dental Industry... It's Simple & Lucrative to Promote to Your Contacts

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EASY Steps 

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  • 1. Register as a affiliate.

    Here, the prize possession your unique personal link, which identifies all users of the link as being influenced by you.

  • 2. Copy one of the Email message templates Here. Add an Image or an infographic

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  • 3. Paste the message in an email to ALL THE DENTISTS YOU KNOW & Your Facebook, Linked In and Email Contact Database

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    Give your audience some direction to move now. *Consider adding your own limited time personal value add bonus*

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Affiliate Payment Timeline Example

  • PayPal Credits $1,250 per account sign up...per month to your account. 

    We're not only going to protect your reputation, we're going to help it flourish! We constantly thank and survey our clients to make sure they are satisfied to the highest possible degree.

    Because of our unique Pay Per Performance Business Model (which is exactly how you should bring it to your audience's attention).We have aligned 3 parties to have the same incentives (#1st The Dental Practice, #2nd The Partner/Affiliate, #3rd 




  • 7



    After a little can kicking a Few of Your Connections end up Watching the Latest Live or Replay Event.'s Aggressive, ROI centered marketing attracts about 20% of your Audience to click the link. About 1 in 5 of them decide to become Members. 

  • Thouroughly convinced associating your clients marketing with Pay-Per-Lead Marketing will Enhance Their Performance...

    You share your unique Affiliate Link with Your can be as simple as, "Hey Gang this is some good marketing I've found  -Check it out at (Your Personal Affiliate Link)"....




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